Load content

After channel activation, you are ready to load custom content. Your channel content consists of stories and events with the following elements:

  • Headline - The title of the story
  • Text - The story body
  • Location - An address where the story takes place
  • Image - Optional photo relevant to the story
  • Time - Optional date and time for events
You may enter each story on a story input form available to members. Alternatively, you may batch load many stories using a data spreadsheet. If you already have the data in a digital form, we recommend that you use the data spreadsheet to initialize content.

Story input form

To enter or edit a story, follow these steps:

  • Register as a ici member and sign in.
  • Click the Stories menu option.
  • Click the to create a new story.
  • Enter your story using the various tabs on the Story form.
  • Enter your story, location, channel, and photo the Story form.
  • On the 'Channel' tab, select the test channel ('zzz') which is open to all for testing.
  • Preview your story by selecting the Channels link.

Batch load content

To help you initialize your channel, ici offers a batch load process which imports content from a CSV (comma separated values) file. Download this template xls file to create the CSV file:

Click here to download ici_import.xls

After downloading this file, enter your data into the spreadsheet and save the data in csv format. Explicit instructions are included in the xls file.

2017 POST!

It's our seventh year hosting the mobile guide for POST / Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. To get the guide, go to:
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