Apply for a Channel

ici welcomes cultural organizations (nonprofit and for-profit) to apply for an exclusive channel on ici. There is no charge to cultural organizations for this service. Your channel is the app within the ici app.

How to apply for a channel:

  • Register as a member
  • After receiving the registration email sign in.
  • As a registered member, you may request a channel.
  • Click Request New Channel on the My Channels page.
  • After completing all tabs of the form, check 'Ready for Activation' on the Status tab.
  • We will review your request and notify you when the channel is activated.
  • After activation, you may upload stories and events into your own channel.

Announce your Channel

After your channel is approved, announce your channel on your web site. You can even link your audience to the iTunes app store with a widget where they can get the ici app.

This is what the widget looks like:

To put this widget on your web site, copy the code below and paste it into your web site:

<a href= "" ><img src = "" width="60" height="60" /></a>

What is a Channel?

The ici app plaform allows you to take advantage of mobile app technology without developing an app. Without the headache and expense of app development and maintenance, you can now provide a location-aware, mobile app experience for your audience.

A channel is an app-within-an-app that you have complete control over. The text, images, maps, and events in your channel are authored or moderated by you.

All you have to do is tell your users to select your channel within the ici app. After a user selects your channel, the ici app is completely driven by your information. Even if the user shuts down the app and returns later, ici returns users to your channel.

Wait! Want More?

Is a Channel on ici not enough? Do you want your very own app, one you can label with your organization's identity and call your own? Coming soon, ici will be rolling out a white label program, so you can have your own location-aware mobile app powered by ici -- but at a fraction of what it would cost you to develop an app from the ground-up.

For more information on this opportunity, contact us with "White label" in the subject line.

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